Was Taqleed practiced during the sahaba's time

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Was there Taqleed in the time of the Sahaba, not only did it exist in the time of the sahaba but also during the time of the Prophet SAW, not only in the time of the Sahaba but also during the time of the Prophet SAW, there was Taqleed and there was Ijtehaad during the time of the Sahabah and that of the Prophet SAW, there was Taqleed and there was Ijtehaad.
It is narrated in Sunnan Nisai'i... No, it is narrated in Sahih Bukhari - After being done with the battle of Khandaq when the Prophet SAW started towards "Banu Quraiza", He commanded to the Sahaba, to "Pray the Asr prayer in the area of "Banu Quraiza" The Sahaba started off - on the way the Sun started to set, very little time remained for the salah, now what would they do some said that lets pray Asr now and then continue on, and some said even if we have to pray Asr as Qadha ... will pray Asr in "Banu Quraiza.
They split up in two groups - Now what was the proof? Those who opted to say Asr where they were claimed that the spirit of the Prophet's SAW command was that we hurry there, we can't default on the prayer so let's pray here. The others said that the Prophet said to say Asr after getting there, we are bound by his command, so even if it gets Qadha, we will say it on getting there.

Now the those who opined or did 'Ijtehad" were few and the rest were those that followed their opinions, so same said their Salah there as Adaa and some said it later as Qadhap; one does "ijtehaad" the rest follow or do Taqleed of the opinion.
When the Prophet SAW learnt of this incident, he didn't reject either opinion rather he accepted both actions and declared both as correct.
Hence, Ijtehad and taqleed was present in the time of the Prophet SAW.
When the Prophet SAW was not there and the Sahabah were distant, one would do Ijtihad and the others would follow it later they would ask the Prophet SAW, if he would accept it, they would start acting upon it.
May Allah grant us the ability to understand the issue.
I have presented No.1 The Meaning of Taqleed, No 2. The proofs of Taqleed, No 3. The losses of abandoning Taqleed and No 4. The Objections on Taqleed and thier answers.
I have stated two or three if you have further quiries we will clarify those.
May Allah grand us all the ability to understand and explain the issue


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