The Taraweeh dispute between Ghair Muqallids and Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat

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During the blessed month of Ramadan what is the "Ghair Muqallid's" dispute with "Ahle Sunnat wal Jamat"?
Ordinarily people believe that Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat say 20 rakat Taraweeh and "Ghair Muqallids" say 8 Taraweeh
Typically, people believe this, however, this is not the dispute.
The dispute is that, Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat believe in the Taraweeh, whereas the "Ghair Muqallids" do not believe in the Taraweeh. The real dispute is that we believe in it and they do not.
You'll say no, they say it is taraweeh.
I will clarify that.
They say that to avoid your rebuke, if they openly announce that "taraweeh" doesn't exist how then will people accept them?
To avoid the rebuke of the people they started calling "Tahajjud" as "Taraweeh" and they say Taraweeh is 8 and you say Taraweeh is 20.
That is why the conflict in our mosques is that that they believe Taraweeh as 8 and we believe them as 20, "it’s OK let’s say 8 at least we will have said some"  - "Let’s say 8 rakat at least we will have said some of it"
Explain to the people that the real dispute is not whether it is 8 or 20. The real dispute is whether the Taraweeh exists or it does not. We believe in the Taraweeh and they do not believe in it.
If you discuss this with "Ghair Muqallids" discuss whether Taraweeh exists or it does not. Do not debate whether the Taraweeh is 8 or 20.
First, one has to agree to the existence of Taraweeh then we can debate other issues later.
Understand the issue well, what is meant by Taraweeh? It is that, during Ramadan, 4 rakat Fard be prayed, 2 rakat Sunnah be prayed 20 rakat taraweeh be prayed, 3 rakat witr be prayed then go to sleep on waking up one prays 8 rakat Tahajjud, and then has suhoor. This is the practice of the nights of Ramadan.This 4 fard, 2 sunnah, the 20 rakat preceding the 3 witr are the Taraweeh and at the end there are 8 rakat of Tahajjud.
Ghair Muqallids say "No" but rather, pray 4 rakat Fard, 2 rakat Sunnah then 8 rakat Tahajjud but call it Taraweeh, then 1 or 3 witr and the worship of Ramadan is complete. The 8 Tahajjud that have to be said on waking are not required - why are they not required? ...because you have said them earlier. Now you do not have to say Tahajjud, you have already said them.
Now tell me do they believe in the Taraweeh! What was the difference? Typically, in the other 11 months they would say their Tahajjud at the end of the night without congregation and in Ramadan they have brought the Tahajjud forward from the end to the beginning of the night and gone from individual to congregational.
Tell me, what other remarkable change have they made?
That is why the real dispute is whether Taraweeh exists or it does not, "Ghair Muqallids" say there is no Taraweeh and we say that yes there is.
We believe Taraweeh to be a separate worship and Tahajjud to be a permanent and separate worship, they do not believe in the Taraweeh, they only believe in Tahajjud and start calling it Taraweeh.
Firmly plant these two issues in your minds.
When it comes to the difference between Tahajjud and Taraweeh it is established through the Hadith - The Prophet has said both separately as has been narrated.
Imam Bukhari's own blessed practice as recorded by Imam Ibn Hajar Asqalani RA was that Imam Bukhari would say Taraweeh then sleep and then say Tahajjud towards the end of the night, he would continuously recite Quran in Tahajjud he would say 20 ayahs in each rakat of Taraweeh and towards the end of the night he would say Tahajjud and complete an entire Quran every three days in Tahajjud.
Imam Bukhari used to pray Taraweeh separately from the Tahajjud


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