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Virtues and Details of Qurbani by Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Ghuman

The importance of sacrifice

Qurbani is a major form of worship. It began from the era of Sayyiduna Adam (AS) and has continued until this last Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It was prescribed for all nations of all eras. It is mentioned in the Quran:

وَلِکُلِّ اُمَّۃٍ جَعَلْنَا مَنْسَکاً لِیَذْکُرُوا اسْمَ اللّٰہ عَلٰی مَا رَزَقَہُمْ مِنْ بَہِیْمَۃِ الْاَنْعَامِ الآیۃ. (سورۃ الحج:34)

Translation: And for every nation We have appointed religious ceremony [of sacrifice], that they may mention the Name of Allah over the beast of cattle that He has given them for food.

Even though the religious ceremony of sacrifice [qurbani] has been continuously practiced by all nations, it held a greater importance during the time of Ibrahim (AS). And this is why qurbani is also called “the Sunnah of Ibrahim (AS)” because Ibrahim (AS) offered his son Ismail (AS) as sacrifice only for the pleasure of Allah. And the muslims all over the world offer qurbani in remembrance of Ibrahim’s (AS) noble act. Through this qurbani, a muslim learns to be ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of Allah, to abandon the love of all worldy things and to fill his heart with love for Allah only. So while offering qurbani, one must also remember that just like this qurbani, the main goal of every act of worship is the pleasure of Allah. The thought of pleasing anyone else must never pass through our mind, so that a muslim’s life becomes the very embodiment of this verse:

اِنَّ صَلاَتِی وَنُسُکِیْ وَمَحْیَایَ وَمَمَاتِیْ لِلّٰہِ رَبِّ الْعٰلَمِیْنَ. (سورۃ الانعام:162)

Translation: Verily, my Salat (prayer), my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.



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