Everyone is a Kafir for Jamat al Muslimeen

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They are so foolish, they don't understand a simple thing ,they say the entire world is kafir, only we are Muslims.
If someone from Jamaat al Mulimeen was to meet you - ask him something.
It is narrated in a Hadith, that the Prophet SAW said that there will be 120 rows on the day of judgement, 40 rows of the nations of he earlier prophets, that's 120 rows of the people of paradise and there will be 80 rows of only my nation.
How many rows are there of the people of paradise of the earlier nations? - 40 and How many rows for our Prophet? - 80.
Put them together, they don't add up to half a row - didn't get it? If you add all of the Jamat ul Muslimeen in Pakistan, they don't add up to half a row. Tell me who is going to fill the 80 rows? Remove the people of Raiwind then fill those 80 rows! are you understanding this? remove the people of Raiwind. can you fill 80 rows?
You can't fill half a row - and you claim that all are kafir, look at your status! look at your status! there are more watering cans at Raiwind than your total number - your number is smaller than the watering cans we use to clean ourselves - and they claim that everyone is a kafir and only we are Muslims, one should talk from within his status - to talk from within one's status is better
May Allah grant us the ability to understand this.



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