Quranic proof of leaving out Qiraat in Salah

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 We, Ahle Sunnat wal Jamat Ahnaaf say that Quranic recitation (Qiraat) behind an imam should not be done.
Ghair Muqallids say that 113 surahs of the Quran should not be read, however, Surah Fateha should be read.
We say, of the 114 surahs none be recited.
What do they say? that 113 surahs are not be recited but one has to be recited
Our proof is the Quran - "When the Imam recites the Quran then listen and remain quiet"
Imam Ahmad says that there is consensus that this ayah is revealed for Salah.
"When the Imam reads the Quran then you listen" This will happen in in Fajr, Maghrib and Isha and when the Imam reads and you can't hear him, then "remain quiet" you can't hear him now but even then "remain quiet".
Sahib e Madarik has written Prayer are of two types - No.1. loud and No. 2. quiet
In the loud salahs you can hear the Imam's voice the command there is "to listen" and in the quite salahs the imam's voice cannot be heard, now you can't hear but you still have to remain quiet.
Like when an Imam reads the Khutba on Friday, so those who can hear him should keep listening and not talk and those who can't hear him - should they keep talking or remain silent?
You cannot tell them to listen, since the voice does not reach there so where ever the Khutba can be heard those people dutybound to listen and where the voice cannot be heard, although they can't hear the voice they are still dutybound to remain silent.
In the loud salah you have to listen and in the quite ones you still have to remain silent.
See what a strong proof of ours is found in the Quran. What stronger proof will you present!



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